Saturday, February 5, 2011

XNA Platformer Run Cycle

I got something of a run cycle working. It's pretty gumby. 2D animator I am not... plus I kind of cheated and duplicated the middle frame which makes him look like he's scissoring. The feet particularly don't maintain a believable shape very well. His back foot doesn't change in orientation at all except for the switch-over frame, which looks odd.

It's all a bit of a mess, but I still think it looks pretty cute in spite of.

It's certainly "good enough" to be moving on with other stuff for now. Like a jumping pose and a landing animation. Yay.

Edit: Actually I made a mistake putting the .GIF together, and the animation above is actually just looping the first 2 frames. So I put together a corrected version with all 4 frames and now I don't know which one looks better.

Turns out I don't enjoy animation all that much.


  1. Bottom one looks better to me, but then again, i like Steven Segal!!!

  2. Yeah neither of them are particularly good, but the second one at least has the contact point for both feet. I'm going to try fixing up the foot shape tomorrow for the middle frame, and putting in the opposite crossing frame rather than just repeating the first one. It doesn't need to look like a Disney masterpiece, it SHOULD look old-school. But it shouldn't look like he has gumby legs either ><

  3. Cool dude. The first one works because the separation of the legs is clearer. The bottom one plays so fast the legs sort of blend together. The extra crossing frame will probably help that. You could also try making the back leg slightly darker so it's easier to distinguish which leg is which.

    I don't even want to think about how hard it is to animate pixel art, good work dude.

  4. Good advice, I'll try that.

    If I'd just made him stand in profile rather than almost full portrait, it'd be much easier. But I like him like this.