Monday, June 6, 2011

Platformer WIP: TODO List

Updated: 14/06/2011
Recent changes in green.

An (attempted, and somewhat laggy) updated ToDo list:
  • Custom editor gizmos for invisible nodes such as locators, spawnpoints, etc. (done)
  • 2D platformer-style character movement (done)
  • Smooth follow-camera movement (done)
  • Portals that teleport the player to a new location (done)
  • Linked portals (done)
  • Portals that can be activated via contact, or by the player pushing up/down (done)
  • Simple camera effects such as fading to black (done)
  • Layered camera transforms for additional movement effects such as screen-shake (done)
  • Scripted sequences (done)
  • Fix: Air control to smooth direction changes (done)
  • Improve air control acceleration (done)
  • Fix: Can double jump through the moving platform... not good! (done?)
  • Fix: Jumping against a low ceiling causes the player to 'hover' (done)
  • Simple pickups (done)
  • Complex pickups that cause a temporary effect or event (done)
  • Moving platforms (done)
  • Portals working between levels (done)
  • Fix: Player 'sticking' to the underside of moving platforms (done)
  • Player health (done)
  • Environmental hazards, such as spikes and lava (done)
  • Player 'knockback' effect on taking damage (done)
  • Second-chance jump timer for slight jump-while-falling allowance (done)
  • Camera blocking (done)
  • Camera maximum speed setting (done)
  • Improved Camera blocking with zones (done)
  • Zoom-to-fit when Zone width/height is less than view plane (done)
  • Min/max zoom extents (done)
  • Basic GUI (done)
  • FIX: Fit-to-zone flickers when the alternate axis is less than the view plane
  • Improve zoom options to include smooth zoom in/out at zone boundaries
  • Simple enemies
  • The ability to attack and kill enemies
  • More complex enemy behaviours (some examples)
  • Flag objects to spawn only once to prevent respawning on level load.

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