Thursday, June 2, 2011

Unity: Making Stuff Happen

So I don't really have a design document. But I do have a feature list - a collection of bits and pieces I want to learn to create before I go about designing the game. You can't build the house until you have the tools, right?

Here's where I'm currently at:
  • Custom editor gizmos for invisible nodes such as locators, spawnpoints, etc. (done)
  • 2D platformer-style character movement (done)
  • Smooth follow-camera movement (done)
  • Portals that teleport the player to a new location (done)
  • Linked portals (done)
  • Portals that can be activated via contact, or by the player pushing up/down (done)
  • Simple camera effects such as fading to black (done)
  • Layered camera transforms for additional movement effects such as screen-shake (done) 
  • Scripted sequences (done - coroutines freaking ROCK!)
  • Simple pickups
  • Complex pickups that cause a temporary effect or event
  • Moving platforms
  • Portals working between levels
This effort represents about 8 hours of work. My hope is to have the pickups, moving platforms, and inter-level portals working within the next 8 hours (of active Unity time, not real time). I'll try to keep posting updates either at qualifiable milestones, or time-based intervals.

Future updates will include:
  • Player health
  • Environmental hazards, such as spikes and lava
  • Simple enemies
  • The ability to attack and kill enemies
  • More complex enemy behaviours
  • And more!
It's all so exciting! I'll try to figure out syntax highlighting for C# in blogger (I tried earlier and failed miserably) and then I can post my code stuff, for anyone who cares.

And here is a playable 'demo'. Not much happening, but everything starts somewhere!

Note: The playable demo has been moved to its own post. CLICK HERE TO PLAY.

I've never been happier to be a nerd :)

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