Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ideas in Limbo

I just found this floating around on my hard drive, and thought I'd share it. It's an image I painted for a game I was working on at my last job.

This was to form something of a style guide for the first level in the game, and was rushed onto digital canvas in the early hours of a sleepless night as the realities of global finance marched inexorably towards dire circumstances.

Sound vague? Deliberately so. Business happens.

But to remain positive, it was an amazing team of people, and a really great product (can you believe we were regularly playtesting within a few weeks, and actually fighting for the controller?) Best of all, I had the incredible honour of being art lead/director on this project, and working with some people who truly humbled me. Illustrators like Jeremy Love, Mike Manalac, Richard Lyons, Brendan Deboy, Jared Pullen and Danh Nhan; the best 3D sidekicks ever in Dean Walshe, Kieran O'Sullivan and Stewart Alves; the awesome designers - Paul McInnes, Christian Carriere and Mark Hurst; and the coders - James Podesta and Shane Lontis - making all the cool stuff happen. And of course our producer, John Whiston, who fought the hard fight for us. It sounds like I'm accepting an award... Well, we should have been!

It was one of those periods of creativity where deadlines and schedules and budgets never interrupted the process. We were always on time, always over delivering, and always thrilled with the results of our efforts, despite the usual production difficulties. I've rarely loved what I do more than on this project.

Unfortunately, as I vaguely hinted at above, due to business-type things out of any of our control, the doors were closed and this project, as far as I know, has drifted off into the ether.

[Insert long and wistful sigh here]

This image is obviously unfinished, and it saddens me to think it never will be, especially since I was super happy with the direction it was going in, and had surprised myself a bit with it. But such is the way of the creative industries.

Sometimes bad things happen to good ideas.

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